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RINA Transactions 2012 Part A - International Journal of Maritime Engineering

Category Transactions
Year 2012
Author Various


The International Journal of Maritime Engineering provides a forum for the reporting and discussion on technical and scientific issues associated with the design and construction of marine vessels and offshore structures. Contributions in the form of scientific and technical papers and notes on all aspects of maritime engineering, together with discussion on published papers are welcomed. The IJME is published in softback and CDROM format four times a year a year (Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec) as Parts A1-A4 of the Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects. All IJME papers published during the year are also published in the hardback RINA Annual Report and Transactions.

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Description Price
A New Method for Assessing the Safety of Ships Damaged by Grounding GBP £10.00
A Review of Practical Methods for Reducing Underwater Noise Pollution from Large Commercial Vessels GBP £10.00
An Experimental Study on the Relative Motions Between a Floating Harbour Transhipper and a Feeder Vessel in Regular Waves GBP £10.00
Analysis of the Water Impact of Symmetric Wedges with a Multimaterial Eulerian Formulation GBP £10.00
Experimental Study of the Interaction of Corrosion Damage and Out-of-Circularity in the Collapse of Submarine Pressure Hulls GBP £10.00
Expert System for Ship Recycling GBP £10.00
Full-Scale Motions of a Large High-Speed Catamaran: The Influence of Wave Environment, Speed and Ride Control System GBP £10.00
Handling Temporal Complexity in the Design of Non-Transport Ships using Epoch-Era Analysis GBP £10.00
Identification of Influential Parameters in a Ship’s Motion Responses: A Route to Monitoring Dynamic Stability GBP £10.00
Marine Requirements Elucidation and the Nature of Preliminary Ship Design GBP £10.00
Numerical Study of the Effect of Geometry and Boundary Conditions on the Collapse Behaviour of Stocky Stiffened Panels GBP £10.00
On the Application of the Extreme Value Theory in Ship’s Strength Calculations GBP £10.00
On the Macro Hydrodynamic Design of Highly Efficient Mediumspeed Catamarans with Minimum Resistance GBP £10.00
Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Integrating Survivability and Safety Measures on Naval Ships GBP £10.00
Recursive Neural Network Model of Catamaran Manoeuvring GBP £10.00
Reducing Fuel Usage and Co2 Emissions from Tug Boat Fleets: Sea Trials and Theoretical Modelling GBP £10.00
Technical Feasibility of Hybrid Propulsion Systems to Reduce Exhaust Emissions of Bulk Carriers GBP £10.00
The Flooding after Damage of a Warship with Complex Internal Compartments – Experiments on a Fully Constrained Model in Calm Water and Regular Beam Seas GBP £10.00
The use of a Fuzzy Logic Set-Based Design Tool to Evaluate Varying Complexities of Late-Stage Design Changes GBP £10.00