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Reducing Fuel Usage and Co2 Emissions from Tug Boat Fleets: Sea Trials and Theoretical Modelling

Category Papers
Year 2012
Author A J Murphy, S J Weston and R J Young
DOI 10.3940/rina.ijme.2012.a1.220


"Sea trials on a harbour tug have been conducted and are explained. The experimental results for fuel consumption per unit transport effort, under free-running (transiting) conditions, are presented and engine speed-propulsor pitch combinations for improved fuel economy are identified. A simplified analytical approach to predict fuel consumption, including the coupled engine-propulsor-hull system, is described. This rationale is combined with experimental observations and, consequently, performance maps present the complete operating envelopes of the harbour tug under both free-running and towing conditions. This combined approach proved to be effective and can be applied to the study of other tug vessels. As a consequence of this research, the engine control system on the harbour tug was modified to permit it to operate fully within the region of best fuel economy during free-running. The results from the bollard-pull predictions provide insight for the design and operation of harbour tugs in the future."

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