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A Review of Practical Methods for Reducing Underwater Noise Pollution from Large Commercial Vessels

Category Papers
Year 2012
Author R C Leaper and M R Renilson
DOI 10.3940/rina.ijme.2012.a2.227


"Underwater noise pollution from shipping is of considerable concern for marine life, particularly due to the potential for raised ambient noise levels in the 10-300Hz frequency range to mask biological sounds. There is widespread agreement that reducing shipping noise is both necessary and feasible, and the International Maritime Organization is actively working on the issue. The main source of noise is associated with propeller cavitation, and measures to improve propeller design and wake flow may also reduce noise. It is likely that the noisiest 10% of ships generate the majority of the noise impact, and it may be possible to quieten these vessels through measures that also improve efficiency. However, an extensive data set of full scale noise measurements of ships under operating conditions is required to fully understand how different factors relate to noise output and how noise reduction can be achieved alongside energy saving measures."

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