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Full-Scale Motions of a Large High-Speed Catamaran: The Influence of Wave Environment, Speed and Ride Control System

Category Papers
Year 2012
Author G Jacobi, G Thomas, M R Davis, D S Holloway, G Dav
DOI 10.3940/rina.ijme.2012.a3.238


"To assess the behaviour of large high-speed catamarans in severe seas, extensive full-scale trials were conducted by the U.S. Navy on an INCAT Tasmania built vessel in the North Sea and North Atlantic region. Systematic testing was done for different speeds, sea states and ride control settings at different headings. Collected data has been used to characterise the ship’s motions and seakeeping performance with respect to wave environment, vessel speed and ride control system. Motion response amplitude operators were derived and compared with results from a two-dimensional Green function time-domain strip theory seakeeping prediction method. An increase of motion response with increasing vessel speed and a decrease with the vessel moving from head to beam seas was found. In higher sea states and headings ahead of beam seas an increasing influence of the centre bow on pitch motion damping was found. Significant motion RAO reduction was also found when the ride control system was active. Its effectiveness increased at higher speeds and contributed to heave and pitch motion RAO reduction. Predicted motion magnitudes with the time domain seakeeping code were consistent with the measured motion responses, but maximum heave was predicted at a rather higher frequency than was evident in the trials."

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