The Publications Database lists all RINA publications by title, category, year, author, DOI and abstract.  Publications may be ordered and paid for online.  Other publications are also listed, some of which may be downloaded free of charge. You can search the database by;

  • Category: Transactions, proceeding, books, etc. If no category is selected, the entire database will be searched.
  • Key word(s): Words that appear in the title or abstract.
  • Author: Author or co-authors surname.
  • Year: Year of publication.

Once you have entered your search criteria and pressed the "Search" button, the system will display all matching records from the database. By double clicking on any of the entries it will display more information on the publication e.g. detailed abstract, formats available for purchase (printed, CD-ROM, e-mail PDF file) cost, details of the conference it might have originally be presented at, etc.

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